Brittany Norris for Mayor of Atlantic Beach

Let’s hit the ground running.

Having served five years advocating for residents and our community on the Atlantic Beach City Commission in Seat 5, Brittany is seeking to utilize that experience to further serve the city as Mayor.

Endorsed By:
All three mayors of the beach cities (Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jax Beach)
The Jacksonville Association of Fire Fighters

See Me in Action:

Goals for the Future:


Promote sustainable development, prioritize stormwater management, strengthen city infrastructure, and increase tree canopy.


Increase opportunities for biking and walking (healthy living), more mixed-use pathways, calm streets, and connect neighborhoods and businesses.


Equity and civility in city services and responses, responsible fiscal policies.

A Proven Record of Results:

  • Nonpartisan approach at city hall and with citizens
  • No property tax rate increase
  • Working successfully with outside agencies like FDOT, TPO, and COJ and getting Mayport Road scheduled for lane reductions and bike paths
  • State funding for Aquatic Gardens and Hopkins Creek drainage improvements
  • Healthy reserve fund and balanced budgets
  • Annual priority-setting meetings with the commission
  • Regular ongoing construction and repair of sidewalks across the city
  • Investing in our parks such as getting bathrooms placed at Beaches Veteran Park, the addition of pickleball courts and parking improvements in Donner Park, and more
  • Protecting our canopy through updated tree code, including designations of heritage trees and approved vendor list
  • Directing locations for use of Community Development Block Grant funds
  • Pushing for equity in city hall through payscale study, implementing maternity/paternity leave, and expanding recruiting practices
  • Connecting and training citizens for city opportunities as Chair of the Board Member Review Committee

My Favorite Highlights of 5 Years in Seat 5:

Success on Mayport Road.

After many meetings (and lots of advocating) with the staff and officials of FDOT, TPO, and COJ, I’m excited to announce Mayport Road (A1A) is on the List of Priority Projects for TPO and also on FDOT’s 5-year schedule for significant improvements such as lane reductions, more space for sidewalks, and building the East Coast Greenway! This is a huge win for our residents and businesses.

Good things are en route.

A quick shot from when I attended the North Florida TPO Board Meeting during their review of the 2020 List of Priority Projects to speak in favor of Mayport Road.

Setting the Stage for Calmer Streets.

Roads are more than just avenues for our vehicles. They connect our neighborhoods and businesses, providing thoroughfares for runners, cyclists, and more. A complete street is a safe place for any mode of transport and my goal for all of Atlantic Beach. In 2021, we adopted a Complete Streets Policy for city projects. Plus, I’ve pushed for creative solutions to slow down traffic such as traffic islands.

Let’s get outside.

Hanging out with families on Main Street, talking about opportunities to slow down traffic, and practicing some tactical urbanism with a little love and chalk.

Celebrating Our History.

Atlantic Beach has too long been a tale of two cities, the beachside, and the westside. I’m excited to have been part of multiple events that celebrated the lesser-known stories and history of our city, sharing the stories of Manhattan Beach, the legacy of Sergeant First Class Leroy Everett, and more.


I was honored to speak on U.S. Army Sgt. Leroy Everett’s legacy, as we dedicated his Memorial Parkway along Dutton Island Road.

Continued Community Involvement:

  • Leadership Jacksonville Class of 2022
  • Chair of the Board Member Review Committee (City of Atlantic Beach)
  • Member of the BEAM Nominating Committee
  • Member of the Jacksonville Beach Elementary Preservation Fund, serving the Rhoda L. Martin Cultural Heritage Center
  • Graduate of Institute for Elected Municipal Officials 1 and 2 (Florida League of Cities)
  • Graduate of Leadership Academy I and II (Florida League of Cities)
  • Past President (and Co-Founder) of Dig Local Network

Meet Brittany Norris:

Brittany Norris has served for five years on the Atlantic Beach City Commission, with two of those years as Mayor Pro Tem. Part of a military family (Semper Paratus), Brittany has lived on all coasts of the United States: east, west, and gulf…and Atlantic Beach is truly unique. After graduating from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, she made her way to the beaches area, settling down on the marsh side of Atlantic Beach in 2010. She has been here and involved in the local community ever since.

A History of Community Building

Around the same time she graduated from college, Brittany began volunteering with YoungLife, a Christian ministry, and organization committed to positively impacting the lives of high school students. From facilitating group meetings to chaperoning cross-country travel, Brittany volunteered weekly at Beaches Vineyard Church in Atlantic Beach and Fletcher High School in Jacksonville Beach for several years.

In 2011, following the successful launch of a community garden in Atlantic Beach (in partnership with Americorps and Beaches Habitat for Humanity), Brittany co-founded Dig Local Network (DLN). DLN is a nonprofit with a mission to create a sustainable future, where all people, no matter their location or economic position, have access to good nutritious food. Brittany has served as president, vice president, and secretary for the organization over the past several years. Through her leadership and involvement, DLN has evolved to include two community gardens, three weekly farmers’ markets, and a variety of educational programming about nutrition for children and adults.

At the end of 2016, she started the Coalition to Participate to increase local civic engagement. The goal of this community group was to facilitate legitimate and physical action by citizens in local government. From attending city council meetings together to organizing events with speakers, Brittany’s goal was to educate individuals and get them connected and engaged with their representatives.

Tabling at Marsh Fest to share the news and services of Dig Local Network.
Teaching kids gardening at DLN’s first community garden location.

Experience Matters

The current Atlantic Beach City Commission.
Celebrating the expansion of BEAM’s location on Mayport Road.

Beyond her extracurricular activities, Brittany has worked at award-winning agencies and is currently the Digital Director for Whalebone Magazine, a publishing, and media company. She is a skilled and focused creative with a wide array of experience in both traditional media and digital marketing. Through her experience in agencies large and small, in-house design teams, and as an independent contractor, she brings with her attention to detail and skills in project management and effective communication. From meeting demanding deadlines to collaborating with teams, Brittany takes a hands-on approach to executing creative solutions.

With her career underway, Brittany’s community work and citizen involvement are what prompted her to run for Atlantic beach City Commission, Seat 5 in 2017. For the last five years, she has advocated for her neighborhood, Marsh Oaks, and the city as a whole, bringing attention and action to make our city stronger and healthier.

Growth in Leadership and Service

She has also continued to serve our local community as a member of the board for the Jacksonville Beach Elementary Preservation Fund, serving the Rhoda L. Martin Cultural Heritage Center as well as a member of the BEAM Nominating Committee and the Chair of the Board Member Review Committee for the City of Atlantic Beach. She also sought out opportunities to grow in her understanding of the local community and government at large by completing Graduate of Institute for Elected Municipal Officials, 1 and 2 by the Florida League of Cities as well as their Graduate of Leadership Academy I and II. Most recently, she joined Leadership Jacksonville becoming part of LJ’s Class of 2022! (The best class.)

She continues to bring a servant’s heart and a non-partisan, civil approach to city hall. Contributing to a strong and healthy community is at her core and she hopes to win this race and use her personal and professional skills to do exactly that!

Brittany with Lillie Sullivan, President of the Jacksonville Beach Elementary Preservation Fund, Inc.
Leadership Jacksonville, Class of 2022.
Celebrating Arbor Day in Atlantic Beach with plantings across the city.
A meeting of the Coalition to Participate in 2017.
Round table with Dr. Wes Brooks, Florida’s Chief Resilience Officer.

I’d Love to Have You Involved: